View Full Version : sounds like a bag of marbles

08-29-2009, 03:16 PM
the sound only happens in the low rpms below 3000rpm in every gear and is very noticable when the A/C is on and when coming out of first gear. It also shakes a wee bit as well when the sound is there. It sounds as if its coming from the rear underneath of the engine/transmission area.

08-29-2009, 04:03 PM
seems to me the symptoms of a bad prop shaft

fr blauparts.com:

Symptom: Quattro driveshaft has loose rattling noise coming from the underside of the car. This noise sounds like loose pocket change that would be jiggling around in your pockets. You'll hear this noise as you transverse the gears, upshifting between 1st and 3rd gear. This noise also occurs at deceleration when you let off the gas pedal and slow down.
Repair Solution: Make sure the vehicle is turned off and in park. Inspect the front driveshaft CV joint (located on the end of the driveshaft where it connects to the tailshaft of the transmission - see picture below). Grab the driveshaft with one hand and the outer cage of the front CV joint in the other, twisting from side to side to see if there is any play. If you detect any play in the CV joint, replacement is necessary. Due to the close proximity of the front driveshaft CV joint to the catalytic converters, the grease in the CV joint cage hardens and looses its ability to lubricate. This lack of lubrication accelerates wear on the driveshaft CV joint. When lubrication is lacking, the joint will begin to bind during acceleration when engine torque flex occurs. This driveshaft torque flex is magnified when turning your Audi left or right