View Full Version : S4 launch review roundup - South Africa

08-29-2009, 01:06 AM
A round up of reviews from the launch of the S4 in South Africa last week.

Warning: Please don't criticize South African English, as I recently read in another thread in this forum. We're a jolly bunch who remained mostly loyal to the British Crown as a colony once upon a time and derived most of our habits and traits from His and Her Majesty, mixed together with a smattering of Dutch.

Unlike you lot who kicked them out a while after the Boston tea party. [:d]

However, none of that makes a difference to me, this is a great forum and there's some great information on here - awesome audi community chaps - keep it up. [;)]



http://www.wheels24.co.za/Content/NewModels/13/c291360958fd49a5a43346a973db3a99/ 14-08-2009%2001-08/245-kW_Audi_S4_driven

http://www.motoring.co.za/index.php?fArticleId=5126536&fSectionId=751&fS etId=381