View Full Version : going over bumps in the road I hear

08-06-2009, 07:47 AM
new to this car, so trying to figure out the various 'noises'. This one is a mixed suspension compressing (air woosh) / short high pitched squeeking noise

its hard to describe, but it only happens when i go over a bump that causes the suspension to compress. Its not a 'sloppy' sound like a ball joint going bad or anything...just a short/quick noise. I was in my bud's 2004 A4 USP and his does slightly the same thing, albeit not nearly as noisy.

Is this simply a standard front strut noise when going over larger bumps/potholes etc? I guess I expected the car to simply 'thud' and be silent vs. this noise.

as an FYI the suspension setup has <40K on it