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06-26-2009, 10:49 AM


At Integrated Engineering we realize that building a car is supposed to be FUN. Waiting for parts that were listed as "in stock" for weeks, only to find them drop shipped from who knows where, is certainly not my definition of fun. With that in mind, we have cleared out whole shelf units and literally filled them up with pistons, so that ALL of these pistons below can ship right away, direct from us. There is no ambiguity about tracking numbers or where the parts may be, because we can literally put hands on them and put them in a box and watch them leave. We are excited to be able to offer such a wide range of pistons in stock and ready to ship and hope this will speed up and generally make the engine building process less hassle for everyone in the scene.

All of the kits listed include full sets of rings, wrist pins, and locks. We do not play games to have the "lowest price", rather we sell full, complete sets to reduce the hassle of purchase. They are also 100%, no fooling around, IN STOCK.

-->Wiseco Pistons $484.99:

81mm 9:1 CR (http://intengineering.com/Wiseco-81MM-Bore-864MM-p7350661-1-2.html)

81.5mm 9:1 CR (http://intengineering.com/Wiseco-815MM-Bore-864MM-p7350662-1-2.html)

82mm 9:1 CR (http://intengineering.com/Wiseco-82MM-Bore-864MM-p7350663-1-2.html)

-->JE Pistons $539.99:

81mm 8.5:1 CR (http://intengineering.com/VW/18T/Pistons/JE-81MM-Bore-864MM-Stroke-p6733693-1-2.html)

81.5mm 8.5:1 CR (http://intengineering.com/VW/18T/Pistons/JE-815MM-Bore-864MM-Stroke-p6733694-1-2.html)

82mm 8.5:1 CR (http://intengineering.com/VW/18T/Pistons/JE-82MM-Bore-864MM-Stroke-p6733696-1-2.html)

81mm 9.25:1 CR (http://intengineering.com/VW/18T/Pistons/JE-81MM-Bore-864MM-Stroke-p6733697-1-2.html)

81.5mm 9.25:1 CR (http://intengineering.com/VW/18T/Pistons/JE-815MM-Bore-864MM-Stroke-p6733698-1-2.html)

82mm 9.25:1 CR (http://intengineering.com/VW/18T/Pistons/JE-82MM-Bore-864MM-Stroke-p6733699-1-2.html)

-->Stroker Pistons (By JE) $629.99:

83mm 8.5:1 CR 92.8MM Stroke (FSI CRANK) 2008cc (http://intengineering.com/VW/18T/Pistons/JE-83MM-Bore-928MM-Stroke-p6924448-1-2.html)

83mm 8.5:1 CR 95.5MM Stroke (TDI CRANK) 2067cc (http://intengineering.com/VW/18T/Pistons/JE-83MM-Bore-955MM-Stroke-p6924449-1-2.html)

Please note that these stroker pistons are not cobbled together, they are well sorted out pieces. Both sets come with full oil squirter notches to clear without any grinding, and the 95.5mm stroke pistons utilize a bridge to retain the oil rings without sacrificing ring land for the all important compression rings.

These pistons also are available as piston and rod combination, giving additional savings, typically around a $50 discount. That should be getting into some pretty hard to beat stuff right there.

-->JE Pistons / IE Rod Combos $824.99:

81mm 8.5:1 CR (http://intengineering.com/18T-JE-Pistons-IE-Rods-p6875319-1-2.html)

81.5mm 8.5:1 CR (http://intengineering.com/18T-JE-Pistons-IE-Rods-p6875322-1-2.html)

82mm 8.5:1 CR (http://intengineering.com/18T-JE-Pistons-IE-Rods-p6875325-1-2.html)

81mm 9.25:1 CR (http://intengineering.com/18T-JE-Pistons-IE-Rods-p6875332-1-2.html)

81.5mm 9.25:1 CR (http://intengineering.com/18T-JE-Pistons-IE-Rods-p6875335-1-2.html)

82mm 9.25:1 CR (http://intengineering.com/18T-JE-Pistons-IE-Rods-p6875336-1-2.html)

-->Wiseco Pistons / IE Rod Combos $784.99:

81mm 9:1 CR (http://intengineering.com/18T-Wiseco-IE-Rods-Combo-p7350664-1-2.html)

81.5mm 9:1 CR (http://intengineering.com/18T-Wiseco-IE-Rods-Combo-p7350665-1-2.html)

82mm 9:1 CR (http://intengineering.com/18T-Wiseco-IE-Rods-Combo-p7350666-1-2.html)

-->Stroker Piston / Rod Combos (By JE) $899.99:

83mm 8.5:1 CR 92.8MM Stroke (FSI CRANK) 2008cc (http://intengineering.com/18T-JE-Pistons-IE-Rods-p6875343-1-2.html)

83mm 8.5:1 CR 95.5MM Stroke (TDI CRANK) 2067cc (http://intengineering.com/18T-JE-Pistons-IE-Rods-p7205088-1-2.html)

Coated domes and skirts are available on any of these pistons at a cost of $40 per piston ($20 each per coating), but we do not inventory coated pistons.

Normally we *also* have both 92.8mm and 95.5mm stroke 1.8t stroker pistons, in 83mm bore and 8.5:1 compression in stock, but we actually sold out and are waiting more batches. They are about 10 days out, and I will add them to the list when they are back in stock again.

If you browse our website, you fill find that there are many more pistons available such as stock stroke, 82.5, and 83mm bore pistons. Those are not listed here because they are not normal shelf stock for us and therefore they will take 2-3 weeks to ship. Those pistons are also available in packages with our forged rods.

Custom pistons also available in any bore and compression you desire! Please inquire!

Don't hesitate to contact us with any questions! We're open 9 to 6 mountain time:

Phone: 801.484.2021
email: sales@intengineering.com

07-02-2009, 05:08 PM
Thanks guys!

07-06-2009, 11:47 AM
Back in the shop after the 4th bump :)

07-16-2009, 04:23 PM
Bump- Stroker pistons in 92.8mm and 95.5mm are both back in stock again :)

07-20-2009, 10:06 AM
Thanks guys!

07-21-2009, 01:34 PM
can we use the aba crank instead of the fsi one?

07-30-2009, 03:58 PM
ABA crank will only work in "early" 1.8t motors, like 97-00 audi a4. Engine codes AEB, ATW, etc. If you have an external water pump bolted onto the outside of the block, the aba crankshaft will work. The mk4 2L crankshaft isn't as good as the FSI crank, but it also will work in the late 1.8t's. (01+ audi)



08-12-2009, 11:24 AM
Still got all of this in stock guys. I've also got wiseco 2L (2008cc) stroker pistons coming for a more budget minded stroker alternative.

08-13-2009, 11:10 PM
Thanks for the orders guys!

08-21-2009, 09:49 PM
have any combos for a b4 a4 2.8 30v??

10-09-2009, 08:07 PM
Hi there, yes! Not on the website though. It's really close to an S4 motor and we can certainly make you a set in whatever compression you like. Email us: Sales@intengineering.com or call the shop 801.484.2021 and we can get you squared away.