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06-07-2009, 12:51 PM
1999A4-1.8t-quattro Avant,have std.suspension,need new struts,want to "tighten up car"but I am conservative use car everyday,options,1)new Sachs struts with std.springs,2)new Bilstein HD struts with std.springs,3)new Bilstein sport struts with audi oem sport springs,How much do audi oem sport springs lower car over std. springs?,Not new to audi but knew to A4's,still learning but I really dig the car and don't to make a mistake! ,Need your imput exsperince and exspertise to help me make my decision.

06-07-2009, 01:19 PM
Welcome to Audizine. Honestly, up[graded suspension is a great addition to your vehicle if it is for dd, agressive street driving, or tracking. You would just need to eveluate and choose your set up properly. For what you are looking for, Bilstein Struts w/H&R Sport Springs seems the best option. You don't need to be a track driver to have a better suspension than what OEM offers. Upgraded suspension will add to less body roll, permit you to handle turns better, and should grant a more comfortable ride (depending what application you choose). But as previously stated, a nice set up for you would be Bilstein Struts w/H&R Sport Springs. You may also want to look into Koni Struts, but they are more expensive. And coilovers is always an all around better investment.

06-07-2009, 03:24 PM
I'm currently running Bilstein HD with stock sport springs and it would do what you are looking for.

06-07-2009, 07:27 PM
Thanks Jim
Thanks for responding.You've got a great reputation and it's obvious lots of exsperiance in this field.Being new,I'am having trouble out here in S.Ca. finding such a person or Co. as you.
Contacted Audi,they say I have standaard suspension,standard springs and standard Sachs stuts.#'s on sachs match std.don't know about springs can not find a # only pink and green markings,no one seems to know what that indicates.Bought car used,limited records,do have heavy duty front sway bar but could they have changed springs and be running stndard Sach's?Doesn"t make much since,but could affect my strut application.
Contacted Bilstein,they said do to a length differance between Bilstein hd's and bilstein sport struts(the dampnig would be the same) I would have to run hd's with stock standard springs and Bilstein Spot struts if I have audi oem sport springs.Using the incorrect (shock,strut) would cause me to bottom out or top out.
To make things even more confussing some aftermarketors are saying hd's can only be used all around on FWD not Quattro.On Quattro sport bilstein's are needed in rear,thus would it mean sport springs are needed to run Bilstiens all around on Quattro???Now I am really confussed,not to mention
knowing who is correct,the aftermarketors or Bilstein!!
Anyhow,it might help me if you can tell me how to identify standard springs from audi oem sport springs.2)will bilstein hd"s work all the way around on the Quattro with standard springs?3)If I want to go bilstein all around do I need to go with belstein sports and change to oem sport springs or K@N or equivalent all around?
I also have a home in Co.have to use dirt roads to get to it so I have a real hieght concern.How much do Audi oem sport springs lower car,While K@N with Bilstiens would be great I've read they would lower me about 1.5 inches it scares me for what I need considering Co. conditions.
Last,what really is the differance in say k@n spings vs. audi oem sport springs vs.audi oem standard springs?
Boy I hope I'm not making a mountain out of a mole hill,but I would like to tighten up the car if I can do it without opening up a "pandora's box and making a mistake I will regret.
Any help you can give me will be more than appreciated!!!

06-08-2009, 01:37 AM
If you have red struts then you have sport suspension. If they are black then it is standard non-sport. Sport is about an inch lower than non.

I have Shine Racing's prototype HDs from a couple years ago. If you want HDs then you shouldn't go lower than stock sport and I can get the model numbers off the struts. If you ever want to go lower then run the stock sport springs on Bilstein Sports or Konis. The Konis will handle as well but be a little more plush while the Bilsteins feel tighter.