View Full Version : Q7 problems, anyone else?

05-01-2009, 09:02 AM
My wife has a 2007 Q7. It has been in twice for the same reason, this time the dealership had it for 2 weeks! Problem both times summary: check engine light goes on, car has limited acceleration (basically you can floor the gas, motor revs high with no pick up). Q would work if you babied the gas petal and I could get it to speed. 1st time to the dealership they replaced (Ignition Coils I recall). 2nd time they found a bulletin # 2016008 (have no clue) and to call tech line. They removed the engine, changed oil pump/bolt/filter/cooler, timing chain, tensioners, gaskets, fluids and other items. They never really did explain what the heck the problem was. I will say the Dealership was AWESOME! Issue I have is my wife is concerned its going to happen a 3rd time and wants to go look at new SUV's, I really can't blame her (sucks for me b/c I like the SUV and my car to match the manufact in the garage which means I get a new sedan also)
Anyone else experience this?