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04-12-2009, 05:42 PM
Hello to all Thanks for any input in advance.
i have a 2003 A6 3.0 quattro 89300 miles automatic. i use premium gas.

she starts of slow from a dead stop, the RPM revs lil high between 3400-4000 and the car is moving slow then after it shifts around 4600 rpm it drives normal after that. most of the times it runs just fine even from dead stop. a autozone scan gave me a misfire in cycl# 6, ive changed the coil oem from audi and all the spark plugs ngk iridium ix part# BKR6EIX-11. changed the oil mobil 1 sys blend.... went back to autozone today no codes on the scan. car runs alot better but still have the issues .highway driving is fine.
note: does not matter of outside/engine temp.no lights on my dash i have yet to do a full tune up, it comes n goes. other then this i have no other problems.
once again any input is greatly appreciated..

04-17-2009, 06:06 PM
update took the car to audi . was determine dirty injectors they cleaned them out added a cleaner to the gas tank along with a failing mass airflow sensor cars running like new . ill be sticking to shell v power for awhile