View Full Version : For Sale: OEM Ultrasport Wheels

03-23-2009, 06:13 PM
Hey guys, just bought a set of USPs this weekend that I need to sell. They need to be professionally refinished or if you can do it yourself, you'll pick up a deal. I overpaid on them and did not realize the condition, pretty much taking on a loss on them any way I do it. I'll post some pics later tonight of these and the Sterns I still have for sale too. The tires are 235/40/ZR18 Continental Contiextremes; 3 have about 80% tread and one looks to have about 60%. The wheels have some minor to moderate curbage, paint chipping, and one has a small bend. I'm looking for $700 OBO. I paid $875 for them [headbang] I just can't see putting more money and time into them myself, but its a deal for someone who knows what they're doing. PM me or email jonathan@spellacy.com if interested. Thanks[up] Link below: