View Full Version : Intermittent Battery Light

03-15-2009, 05:33 PM
I have been getting a battery light under hard acceleration. The light comes on and the voltmeter drops from a little over 14v to 12. It usually goes away after a few seconds, but today it lasted several minutes. First thing i thought was that the terminals were loose on the battery, but they are tight.

Anyone have have this problem before? I did swap my clutch a few weeks back, so maybe there could be a loose connection on the starter? I believe there was a similar post several weeks back and it turned out that the person pinched the wire that runs right above the transmission. What does this go to? I did slightly pinch it when i reinstalled the transmission, but caught the error before I tightened it down.

I need to just go take a look and check everything, just looking for some ideas on what to check.