View Full Version : Sticky things

11-10-2004, 03:28 AM
Some suggestions:

1. Can you make some of the "News & Announcements" threads sticky, so we can find them more easily?

In particular, I always go looking for the "Official Audizine Advertisers and Supporters" thread. Can you make that one a sticky thread in both "News & Announcements" and "The Classifieds > For Sale Section" ?

2. In the Tech Forum, most threads are not initially visible because they are older than the default "last 5 days" criteria. I always select "the beginning" when searching the FAQ's.

Can you make it ignore this setting and always show FAQ threads from "the beginning" (splitting long lists into pages when necessary in the future)?

Someday (in our dreams) people are going to check the FAQ's before launching into a new "How do I.....?" thread. This suggestion should make it easier to locate existing FAQ's.