View Full Version : Would they fit?

02-22-2009, 03:47 AM
Ive found a pair of 2001-2004 healights and was wondering weather they will fit my 99 a4 1.8T. I have been looking to upgrade as they ones in there at the moment are really not that bright!! Would the exeon facelift ones fit aswell. any advice would be great!! Thanks

02-22-2009, 05:29 AM
Wherever you saw the ad for has a misprint, as the the B6 headlights do not fit into the B5 chasis. You have a pre-facelift (2-piece headlights) and an upgrade would be the facelift headlights (99.5-01.5). You would need to cut the fenders to make the headlights fit and you would need to do something about the connectors. You can get the facelift harness and just splice them in or go a different route that is in the link (I also placed the link on the DIY to fitting facelift 1-piece headlights into the pre-facelift chasis).


*there are pics missing in the DIY to making them fit. The pics are basically the individual whom constructed the thread slowly cutting away till he got a close to perfect fit. He cut it little by little because you can take more fender off. You just can't add any back. He also placed blue painter's tape around the fenders (area he cut) as to avoide any damage to the paint which may occur due to the sawzall bumping,hitting, grazing,scraping the paint. He also sealed the rough edges that the cutting will leave on the fender with paint as to save it from rusting.