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02-18-2009, 10:14 PM
Vehicle Details

Year : 2000
Make and Model : Audi S4 (Quattro)
Exterior Color : Silver
Interior Color : Black leather
Auto or Manual? : Manual-6 speed
Odometer Reading : 17Xk
Location of Vehicle : Calgary
Description :

This is one of a few Stage 3 S4's rolling around Calgary.. for those who dont know, a Stage 3 has upgraded turbos from the Euromarket only RS4, and bumps the horsepower from ~276 to 450 (fuel dependant)

Here is a part list:
-APR Stage 3 fueling/software (RS4 Maf, RS4 injectors, APR software, RS4 piping, modified airbox. There are also 4 different fuel programs loaded on the ECU that can be chaged while sitting in the car --91, 93, 109 and valet)
- KO4 Turbos ( Can get exact install date)
-Milltek 3" Exhaust (w/ test pipe)
-Milltek downpipes
-VAST ceramic clutch (< one year old)
-VAST methanol injection
-Custom intercoolers
-RS4 intercooler shrouds
-Vogtland Coilovers
-JHM shifter
-Valeo E-codes w/ HID's
-RS4 grill
-AWE boost guage
-AWE drivetrain stabilizer
-Stratmosphere BPV
-DBA rotors
-Hawk Pads
-RS4 engine mounts
-APR Bi-pipe
-Samco hoses
-17" OEM wheels with winter tires
-19" RS4 reps w/ goodyear rubber for summer
-No major repairs in the last 1.5 years I've owned it, only small maintenance. (O2's, EGT, MAF, spark plugs, coilpacks, N75 etc)

Im sure there are lots of things that I have missed... this four door rocket is a local car that has been well maintained. (I've only been to Tunedub since I've had it)
On race gas it should have around 450hp, and with the old slipping clutch (zero launch) and a boost leak it went 13.1 @ 111... (2.3 60ft) With a decent driver and this clutch you should be in the 12's easily!! ) (Note, I havent been to SS with the new clutch) Not to shabby for a car that can be driven all year round. This car has more $$ in parts then the total cost of the car.. not a cheap upgrade!!

Now the bad.. it has some clear coat peeling on the front and rear bumper.. but huge, but noticeable. It will be inspected before the sale, and Tunedub will be fixing any mechanical issues that come up. Im sure chippys could fix it, or just get a re-spray..

As for the cost, I believe I am being way more then fair with starting the price out at

It could easily be had for lower, (down to 17) but that would be after I stripped some parts off.. which I would hate to do as the car is well suited to run as is.
I believe the last Stage 3 in Alberta that sold went for 21k, and it had 240k on the clock. If you look around you will only find stock variations for a few grand less...and you have to worry about the KO3's failing. Im not in a huge rush to sell... but wanted to get the word out.

PM or email me at markgord@hotmail.com more info and pictures.

* I will entertain trades, HOWEVER the price of this car is discounted and I am not looking at putting out any more money.

04-15-2009, 12:07 PM
Looks like the car is Sold.