View Full Version : For Sale: Stage 3 2000 Audi S4!! Calgary AB

01-26-2009, 05:10 PM
Some info on my car...

2000 Audi S4

Silver ext, Black interior
~17X,XXX--Lots of Highway mileage..previous owner worked between Calgary and Fernie)
--APR Stage 3 w/o RS4 Y-Pipe w/ 4 programs loaded, (91,93,Valet,109)
-Milltek Downpipes, cats removed (No CEL with APR Software)
-Milltek 3" Exhaust
-VAST Methanol Injection Kit
-VAST Ceramic clutch (10k on it, not dragged)
-Resurfaced flywheel
-JHM Shifter
-Custom Intercoolers w/ RS4 Shrouds (Same dimensions as AWE)
-RS4 Grill
-Vogtland Coilovers (Year old)
-Valeo E-Codes w/ 5000k HID's
-APR BiPipe
-Samco Hoses
-DBA 4000 Rotors
-AWE Drivetrain stablizer
-APR Snub
-RS4 Engine mounts
-Hawk pads on 4 corners
-19" RS4 Replicas with Goodyear Tires (One summer old)
-17" S4 wheels w/ Snow tires
*OZ Superleggeras in picture COULD be available.. but for extra $$ as they also fit the new car.

Recently (within a year) replaced EGT's, Front O2's, N75, MAF.

Its a local car, and I am the third owner.. since I've had the car only George has worked on it. It will also go for a full inspection before its listed where he will fix anything mechanical that needs attention. I also have a Large Rubbermaid container with all the old parts in it.. that will go with the car.

I have dragged it at Race City once on the OLD clutch, and it went 13.1 @111 with no launch. (Old clutch-Sucked! 2.25 60ft) With the new clutch it will be in the mid 12's easy. (This was before Methanol as well)

Known problems..
-Clear coat is peeling on front and rear bumpers. Not huge.. but certainly noticeable.

Now what everyone looks for.. the Price!!
I am looking to move the car with as little time haggling as possible.. what does this mean? Well it will be a VERY competitive price.. in fact the lowest priced Stage 3 in Canada!(That I have seen)
Since some of the parts are easy to uninstall... it can be a sliding scale, but it will start at:

$20,000 fully loaded!

(17" Winters, and 19" Summers, all other parts plus a bin of stock parts)

**For those who might ask... I could go as low as $17k taking off some goodies.. first to go would be 19" wheels, DTS, Methanol, grill, intercoolers and shifter.. Car is very well suited as is..most are top notch parts! OZ wheels would be 2k extra. As for parting out.. unless the buyer doesnt want some of the parts.. they stay with the car.

Anyways.. thats it, thats all.

For pictures email me at markgord@hotmail.com