View Full Version : Feeler: Want to buy my Thule rack or trade for your bike rack?

01-22-2009, 11:31 PM
I have OEM Audi base carrier bars in silver and Thule Velo Vise Pro bike racks. The Audi base bars sell for $307.86 in silver, the bike racks are $140.00 each and the locks (2) are $34.95 = $622.86. The bars are in great condition as the car is always garaged. The bars are dirty because it just rained. Link to pics: http://www.photoshop.com/user/rompebrazos/?wf=share&trackingid=BTAGC&galleryid=00855c7f2a6b42b5b5177dd422ae2221

I recently upgraded the tires and fork on my Specialized Big Hit to Fox Float's with 20mm thru-axle. The new tires and the fork don't fit on the rack. The tires are way to tall and the front fork has a thru axle. I'm trying to sell these so I can get a different rack that will be able to handle the beefy bike. The rack is on my 2008 A4 Avant Quattro 6 speed S-Line. The complete rack system is less than a year old. I'm looking to get $400 for the complete setup. If you have a different rack that will hold the bike from the front tires I would be willing to trade. Here is a link to the Audi website http://www.audi-collection.com/itemdy00.asp?T1=8E9071151A+041&SKW=AUA4TR&Cat=car&SubLevel=12&lcat=