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01-19-2009, 04:40 PM
My brother is buying a 1997 2.8 A4 5SPD MT with 137,000 miles. In doing his due diligence, he wanted me to ask around the 'Zine to see if there are any issues with this particular model/year that should throw up some red flags. Obviously, taking a good look at the clutch and maybe timing belt would go for any car, of any make, model and year.

However, are there any issues that were specific to this model and year that he should be looking out for? Can anyone help with a few major 'checklist' items he should look at before throwing down the $$.

Thanks in advance.

EDIT:The seller has sent my brother the following list of work that has been done over the years. Again, anything that jumps out at anyone (good or bad) anything the seller seemed to have missed? Or is all of the below a good sign that car has been perfectly maintained:

"Rear brakes at 48,000 with Mintex pads, replaced the ignition switch and starter (eventually covered by an Audi recall) at 118,690 (9/06), flushed the radiator and changed brake fluids, also replaced the tranny and diff fluids with Royal Purple synthetic fluid at 107,000 that kind of thing.

I have done most of the other maintenance and repairs. I have records and receipts to prove it. I did the timing belt, aux belt, water pump, thermostat etc at 69,000 miles. Front brakes at 41,000 miles, also with Mintex pads because I couldn't stand the brake dust anymore. They still have life in them (I would guess 5-10K miles). The clutch is original and still hold strong with no slipping what-so ever. Tranny shifts nice with no grinding or any problems that I know of.

Steering rack was replaced by me in April of 03 and the Aux fan and fuse were both replaced in august of 06. Last tune up was at 118,200 miles with new plugs and filters. Oil changes all done with synthetic oil (generally Mobil 1) at around 5K intervals by me. I have replaced the mass air flow sensor and coolant temp switches also along the way. Battery was replaced last year."

01-19-2009, 10:59 PM
I have the exact same model with 155,xxx miles on it and the only real problems I have had were the ignition and my alternator going out. Other than that its an almost 13 year old car so little plastics parts are breaking and the lcd is dropping lines but mechanically it still runs great. If you have any more questions pm me.

01-19-2009, 11:29 PM
hey i got a 97 2.8 mt car also, mine only has 105,000 but i havent really found any specific problems for this year/motor. my heater only blows hot air when moving, when idling it blows cool air lol. any pix?

01-25-2009, 05:59 AM
if he said he did the last tune up at 118,xxx mi and it now has 137,xxx mi on it
thats a major red flag thats 19,xxx mi with no oil or filter change there will be major problems the 2.8 already has a big enough problem with gunking up