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01-14-2009, 04:35 PM
2001 A4 1.8T Quttaro with APR chipped

Recent replacement parts:

Four new coil packs with new spark plugs (10k miles ago)
New MAF sensor (30k miles ago)
NEW DV, replaced with 710N (5k miles ago)
NEW Turbo (10k miles ago)


The car would jerk back and forth and stall around 3k-4k RPM for a few seconds then resume to pull hard. The engine feels as though it was choking and as if there's no boost and feels sluggish.

I unplugged the MAF and drove it for a few minutes and it got worst. The sluggish and no boost feeling was more apparent.

More recently, I'm hearing a loud gush of air coming from the left side of the vehicle when I pound on the gas pedal and the engine would stall as well. The sound would last a few seconds and disappear.

I also tried cleaning the MAF sensor with CRC MAF cleaner.

I'm totally new to the Audi scene and I did search the forum before posting this question.

Any response would be appreciated

Thank you!

01-14-2009, 04:42 PM
Are you sure the BOV is working correctly? Coming from Nissan I would say its an MAF problem for the studder/jerkin, but when mine went I was limited to 3400rpm, so I would imagine that its the same for Audi. I was thinking if the BOV sticks open a slight bit, when the ecu compensates for the turbo boost at a certain rpm the A/F mixture might be off for a sec until the BOV closes from the pressure from the turbo. I don't know a damn thing about the audi turbos lol though, just a thought.