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10-27-2004, 01:32 PM
I've been searching for the right audi for the past 10 months and i thought i found it. It is a 2000 1.8T 5spd Quattro, silver on grey audi 100k miles for $9000, all options except sport package i think. Only problem is that it has a surging problem that the dealers mechanics cannot find, and he also took it to an "audi mechanic" that cannot fix the problem.

My Question to all of you is Take it or Leave it....i think that i should offer him 8500 as is because if i have to change out the turbo i can get a K03 put in for around that amount, and if its anything less then that $500 should more than likely be able to fix it. My father says leave it because it is probrably a larger problem then i think it is. My searching through the zine and audiworld shows me that something as simple as resetting the ECU with a vag can fix a surging problem. The mechanic says all the vacuum lines are fine and supposedly checked the DV, the car is getting no codes and the CEL is not on. I believe the 100,000 mile service light is on however. I really want to know A.S.A.P. what to do about this and all of you would probrably know more than most of these So-called mechanics.

So let me know what you would do, and also the figures of how much it would be in order to fix such a surging problem.

Thanks guys.

10-27-2004, 02:05 PM
Disconnect the negative battery terminal for 20min and reconnect it, that very well might fix the problem. The mileage is getting up there, but its not a bad deal...still seems a lil high.

What kinda matincence is done? Timing belt, contorl arms, clutch, and chances are the turbo is nearing its last leg if it hasnt blown already...

I bought my 98.5 with 88k on it for 12.5k, within the first year, I had over 6k in repairs... 85%mechanical.... just be careful, I rushed into buying the car... ended up the turbo was blown and the clutch blew within a week of getting the car...