View Full Version : Finished installing crankcase breather hose and powergasket plus!!

12-22-2008, 08:27 PM
Hello just for all you guys wondering on changing cracked and damaged breather hoses I will share my experience. The CCBH was recalled by audi on all 98-00 a4 1.8t's i believe. Replacing this piece can be done with or without removing the intake mainfold. Although removing it allows better access. My car would spike 7-10 psi on hills with this cracked hose and i knew that it was definatly throwing inaccurate readings. Now it is holding 5-6 and is pulling way harder. Do you think my DV could be shot? it is the original should i go with a 710n?

Tips for removing intake manny
1. remove gas cap.
2. Remove intake intecooler rubber hoses.
3. Remove antifreez box and connecting hose.( careful there is a sensor on bottom)
3.5. Remove the anifreez coolant line that runs atop the manifold. WILL POuR anti every where!!!
4. Remove fuel pressure regulator. or atleast the top part
5. Remove clips for the injectors. c-clips
5.5. disconntect all sensor plugs.
6. Unbolt all bolts that are connecting the injector rail to the mani
7. Disconnect the throttle line the ball and socket connecto has a tiny clip on it make sure you dont loose it.
8. Remove support brace that is under the throttle body.
9. Remove the fuel rail with injectors SLOWLY and set it ontop of the valve cover.
10. Have a friend help rou remove the manifold and hold it while you work on the breather system.
11. Do nessary work to properly fit the new ccbh into the system. and reinstall parts.

I also installed the newsouth powergasketplus and seem to be impressed with it so far i have faster torque response but am sure it also has to do with my leak. But the gasket DEFINATELY keeps the manifold cooler. WAS the best 60 mod i have found so far.

This process took me and my dad 3.5 hours but is definately capable if you have prior experience. Do you think I have a bad DV i have 70k on my 98 and this car sat for 1.5 years before i purchased it 6 months ago. Why am i getting only 5-6 psi thanks?

12-23-2008, 04:09 AM
I would check for boost leaks before condemming your diverter valve.

12-23-2008, 09:27 AM
im pretty sure there is no leaks, i am going to get a 710n soon