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Daddy MO
12-18-2008, 10:18 PM
Dear member of the Mazda Racing Family:
As you've seen and heard on the news, and possibly felt first-hand, these uncertain times are
affecting everyone. The auto industry in particular has been hit very hard, and sales are off more
than 30-percent across our business. With a drop of about nine percent this year, Mazda's sales are
better than most, but it's not much to crow about.
We have no intention of letting the business environment affect our motorsports programs - at this
time. Which is the reason behind this letter...
You already know that being a member of MAZDASPEED Motorsports Development gives you the
inside line on special parts pricing for your Mazda or Mazda-powered racecar, but did you know that
special Mazda S-Plan "no hassle" pricing is available to you on the purchase of any new Mazda as
S-Plan pricing varies by vehicle, but is approximately 2-percent below the dealer invoice price -
which the dealer will share with you when you visit and identify yourself as an S-Plan customer.
Right now is the time to check out Mazda's award winning lineup of vehicles. Whether you need a
CX-7 or CX-9 crossover SUV, the all-new 2009 MAZDA6, the innovative MAZDA5 multi-activity
vehicle, the superb MAZDA3, the MX-5 Miata or the rotary-powered RX-8, we're here to help you.
Financing is available at dealers across the country, and, unlike other companies, we're still in the
leasing business.
To take advantage of this special offer, go to www.MazdaUSA.com/splan. Click on the "Create a
PIN" link near the bottom of the page. Complete the form using our Partner ID, M000730. Once
you have your PIN in-hand, take it to the Mazda dealer of your choice and they'll help you drive off
in the Zoom-Zoom of your dreams.
But best of all, this offer isn't just for you. As one of over 8,000 MAZDASPEED Motorsports
Development team members, you have the power to share this offer with friends and family who
may be considering the purchase of a new car or SUV.
We need your help as we prove that money spent on motorsports - and on each and every one of
you - is money well spent. Our target is to have 1,000 vehicles sold and directly attributed to our
8,000 members.
Help us to ensure we are able to protect your racing programs. Contact us at
comppart@mazdausa.com or 800-435-2508 if you have any questions about this offer, and please
drop us a line to share your success stories and log your sales.
All the best for a safe and happy holiday, good luck next racing season and happy buying!
The MAZDASPEED Motorsports Development team

12-20-2008, 01:46 PM
Thanks Mo! I WANT a Mazda5 to haul the kids around locally to school, sporting events, etc. I think it even comes with a 5 speed automatic now which should improve fuel economy and at the same time make it a bit more peppy/responsive.