View Full Version : highway boost cut

12-15-2008, 08:41 PM
this may be long sorry, i was driving to my house after graduating college and i was trying to stay with traffic. this hasn't happened in awhile cause i have been keeping it under 80 for extended periods. but i would have to say i was doing between 80 and 90 for about 60 miles, and all the sudden i tried to pass and got 8 psi and barely any acceleration. i checked the logs, afr was the same as normal, oil temp was ~200 degrees cause of my OC which is normal, and the coolant temp was normal. the only thing that fell was MAF.

i figured the drop in maf was cause the drop in boost.

this has happened before, but if i keep it steady under 80 it never cuts boost. and if i put it back to stock tune its only 5 psi. 2 miles later and dropping it down to 70, i had full boost back and car felt normal...

any suggestions on what could cause it? could a coolant sensor just not update and cause it to cut? i searched but i didn't find much and of course apr has never heard of this before. Thanks