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11-17-2008, 11:34 AM
I recently purchased a 2008 3.6 Base Q7. This model has no navi and a base MMI system.

In the dash is a 6-cd changer and in the center console for some reason was a single disc cd player. Since the center console is the only storage available to the driver I am wanting to remove this device.

When I asked the dealer about removing it they spent 2 weeks or so "speaking with Audi in Germany" about how to go about removing this player. Not very comforting that I would be the first person to inquire about this?

Anyways the DE guys got back to them and I got two options- an "around $300, maybe less, maybe more" service visit- or a parts list. The parts list consisted of a fiber optic loop and a plastic storage bin. I ordered the parts and in the short term planned to just get the player out of there and spend the time later taking apart the center console to install the bin.

So I pulled the player out, disconnected the fiber/power cables and installed the loop.

Turned the car back on.

No MMI. Nothing at all. Can't reset, displays are black.

Since I was taking the Q7 in for squeaky brakes anyways I stopped here and figured the guys in service would look at it, point at something stupid I did and all would be well.

Instead they've had my car for almost a week now. More conversations with Germany. Tore down and checked all the fiber in the car (it was fine) and the end result?

I'm being told I can't remove the disc player. I responded with "fine, but the single in the dash and remove the 6-disc." That won't work either.

What's going on here? I need to remove one of these devices at some point in the future to install a Dension Gateway or Mobridge, so this is something that must be possible for other people.

Anyone with experience on this?


11-17-2008, 02:20 PM
Latest info from service is that it is NOT possible to remove a device from a BASIC MMI system.

Anyone know anything on this? Sounds ridiculous to me, are we having communication trouble?

04-18-2009, 01:41 PM
your screwed. I have the same issue on our 2007 Q7 and my wife is still pissed. She wants out of the Q7 and I almost bought another one but ours is in for service for the third time (mis-firing). I'll post something on it later but no go on the armrest