View Full Version : 250,000th Audi TT Leaves Production Line

10-18-2004, 11:33 PM

The 250,000th Audi TT left the production line today at AUDI HUNGARIA MOTOR Kft. in Györ. This landmark TT is a 250 bhp Coupé with a 3.2-litre six-cylinder engine, quattro drive and the sporty Direct Shift Gearbox DSG. It is destined for the American market.

"A production total of 250,000 for the Audi TT demonstrates the success of this model and the expertise of our Hungarian workforce. This is also reflected by the high level of demand," declared Thomas Faustmann, Managing Director of AUDI HUNGARIA MOTOR Kft., a fully-owned subsidiary of AUDI AG. The Audi TT is exported to over 40 countries worldwide.

Assembly of the TT Coupé started in April 1998 in Györ. 165,000 of the TT Coupé have been built to date. The TT Roadster went into volume production in the third quarter of 1999. Some 85,000 of this model have so far been built in Hungary. As well as the four-cylinder engine family, with performance ranging from 150 to 225 bhp, the Audi TT has been available with the 250 bhp six-cylinder engine since 2003.

Both TT models are manufactured jointly by the Audi Ingolstadt and Györ plants. The press shop, body shop and paint shop for the TT are based at Ingolstadt. The painted bodyshells are transported to Györ by rail for final assembly. Audi has already invested EUR 35 million in the assembly of the sports car at the Hungarian plant. Around 300 workers are currently employed at the vehicle production line in Györ.

Audi Hungaria, based in Györ, is also the principal engine supplier of the Audi Group. It has been Hungary's largest exporter for many years, and is one of the country's highest-revenue enterprises.