View Full Version : S4 died while driving, checking that it's the alternator...

10-15-2008, 05:01 AM
I know this isn't exactly a drivetrain issue, but there is no electrical section...

I’m going home on 695 and accelerate to pass a car. I hear some sort of noise (a popping almost) and loose acceleration instantly. First thought is that I blew a turbo, but then I look down and my brake, traction control and battery lights are on. I’m close to an exit so I get off the highway as soon as possible. As I’m exiting I notice that my power steering is starting to go on me, power braking as well. Basically I get the car to the end of ramp which dumps off into a residential area and turn it off.

My battery is still showing a bit over 12volts with all the lights and radio working find in the car. Problem is it won’t start, or even attempt to. I turn the ignition to fire it up and get absolutely nothing. This was at night and working with a maglite from what I can tell the accessory belt looks fine.

I’m thinking that the alternator is toast but have a few questions. Can you “blow” an alternator with the extra power needed for acceleration? Also I’d think that the car would try and start off the battery, meaning it would crank just not stay on for very long? Maybe the pulley on the alternator is frozen which is preventing the accessory belt from turning? I also put in a front mount intercooler this weekend, but have driven the car a solid 100+ miles since this incident, so I’m doubting it caused anything and this is just a shitty coincidence.

Can anyone confirm that this is my alternator before I go buy one. I’d get out there with a volt meter to check, but the car is a good 20 mins away and I have no ride at the moment.

10-15-2008, 07:31 AM
problem solved!

it was the intercooler hose after all. I'm thinking i blew it enough that it was basically a wide open hole, so this shut the car off. That could have been why no power steering or braking. I'm still baffled why it wouldn't even turn over. I do have a 2001.5 so maybe they built in some pre-cautionary cut off. I found the hose easily tightened everything back up and she's running like a charm.