View Full Version : WTT: Already fitted ebay FMIC and stock bumper for stock bumper plus cash

10-06-2008, 12:06 PM
It was hard to fit the idea into the title so I'll try to clarify...

What I have:
*eBay intercooler/piping kit already cut and fabbed for B5 1.8t/ko3 setup
*stock B5 a4 bumper cut to house fmic/piping - SANTORIN BLUE

What I want:
* stock B5 a4 bumper (doesn't have to be perfect) - SANTORIN BLUE
* cash and/or trade... wheels/tires?

I'm obviously looking for a good buck/trade in addition to the bumper. This is a valuable option for people looking to go with a FMIC that don't want to spend upwards of $1k for a front mount but also don't want to put in all the work of fabbing up piping and making brackets for an eBay setup. I've grown out of modding this car and I'm looking to put some things back to stock... it's strictly a commuter car now for college

I'm located about an hour north of Philadelphia, about 15mins west of Philipsburg, NJ. I still have my stock intercooler/piping so I don't want your stock stuff as part of the trade... doesn't have to be done this weekend, either before it gets too cold, or maybe even once it gets warmer out next year

Thanks for looking [up] Below are some pics from the install. Squeezing the intercooler behind the bumper without having to cut the rad support and rebar was difficult, the bumper sits correctly with a little finessing [up] I cut the plastic cover for the power steering reservoir so it sits perfectly and I'd gladly swap for an uncut stock one

**EDIT** I should've been more clear in what I was looking for as far as trades/cash... Figure the cost of the ebay kits (~$300) plus whatever its worth to you to have brackets/piping fabbed up, time spent having to cut the bumper to fit the intercooler and pipes, minus whatever you think the product has depreciated in value (which really doesn't apply since this isn't a "wear" item like brakes, tires, etc). I have about 15 hours in the intercooler/piping/bumper, including the time it took to remove the bumper and old intercooler parts and install the new one. Looking for about $300 in cash/trades