View Full Version : Induktion Motorsports Presents: H2O 2008 Specials! GIAC / AWE / STACK / EVO / More!!

09-23-2008, 08:13 AM
With H2Ointernational right around the corner we are finalizing all of our show specials to bring you some of the best deals of the show! As usual, we will be running specials on virtually everything we bring and more, and to get everyone in the mood, here is a list of just some of the things we will be bringing with us:

GIAC Show Specials: All software will be 10% off, and no installation charge. In addition, all add-on programs (race, stock, kill, valet, firewall) and even the handheld switcher will be 10% off. That means that you can add on the stock file, and pay only a few dollars more than you would regularly for the normal 91/93 octane file!!

In addition to being able to flash all 2000+ VW/Audis like we always have been able to in the past, GIAC has now developed the technology required to flash 1997-1999.5 drive by cable B5 Audi's as well! This takes away the hassle of having to remove the ECU, desolder the stock chip, and solder on the GIAC chip!

Evolution Motorsports Show Specials: We will also have a wide assortment of Evolution Motorsports V-Flow intakes, silicone hoses, and more! We will have EvoMS products available for Mk4, Mk5, B5, B6, B7; 1.8T/2.7t/4.2/2.0T/2.5/2.8/3.2 the list goes on and on and on. Come by our booth to check out these great products that will not only add some style to your engine bay, but most importantly power as well!

AWE Tuning: We are please to have AWE Tuning working out of our booth at H2O international this year as well. They will be bringing some of their products down as well as a few cars to show off their products. From exhausts, to intercoolers, to their new FSI diverter valve, AWE has a wide variety of products to suit virtually all VW/Audi/Porsche applications, and between ourselves and them, we can answer just about any question you may have, so be sure to stop by our booth to check it all out in person!

STACK Instrumentation: At Waterfest we made our debut of brining STACK instrumentation products to the VW/Audi community, and since then, the response has been phenomenal! These gauges are available in 52mm, and for monitoring virtually everything you could need, including the easy to read Wideband Air-Fuel ratio gauge, which not only offers an easy to spot colored LED sweep around the edge of the dial, but also gives a clear and concise numerical readout of either AFR or Lambda! All STACK gauges are lit using built-in white LEDs so you never have to worry about a bulb going bad or socket getting loose. We will also have an assortment of these installed in vehicles in our booth so you can actually see them in action. We will have PLENTY of gauges in stock to fill out all those empty holes in your gauge pods! Come see them installed and in action in a wide variety of vehicles!

Our own products! We will have all of our own products available at the show as well, from our intuitive VR6 water temperature adapter, to our well known R32 low temperature fan switch and low temperature thermostat, and more! In addition to regularly stocked and sold products we will also have many of our fabrication pieces at the show. This includes our 24v Tubular Turbo Manifold (http://forums.vwvortex.com/zerothread?id=3873565), our 2.5L 5 cylinder Tubular Turbo Manifold (http://forums.vwvortex.com/zerothread?id=3938571&postid=50280790#50280790), as well as many other custom one-off creations.

CARBOTECH Brake Pads: We will also have a wide selection of both street and track compounds available at H2O this year. Carbotech makes brake pads for virtually any vehicle you can imagine, from Mk1s to brand new Mk5 R32s and just about every VW/Audi/Porsche in between!

TEIN Suspension: We will have TEIN suspension products available @ H2Ointernational this year as well! A leader in suspension technology, TEIN offers coilovers and springs for a wide variety of VW/Audi products, including innovative advancements such as integrated Pillowball upper mounts (with built-in camber plates!) In addition to these mechanical feats, TEIN also offers EDFC, their Electronic Dampening Force Controller, which allows the driver to adjust the dampening of the coilovers from the driver seat, on the fly!! This also allows different front and rear dampening rates! If we do not have a TEIN product in stock at the show, we can still offer you the discounted pricing AND free shipping!

Of course we will have plenty of other items available at our booth, as well as product that isn't able to be brought to the show!

In addition to all of the product and staff filling our booth we will also have a number of vehicles to show off exactly what is possible with any one of these amazing VW/Audis. We will have a few Mk4 examples (producing upwards of 500WHP on 93 octane), a Mk5, and an Audi just to name a few.

We look forward to meeting many of you this weekend, and to the ones we already know, look forward to catching up again!

Also, we will have more definite specials later on this week once we finalize show pricing!