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09-18-2008, 02:13 AM
Hello, i am new here, i am from the uk and have owned my a4 since January. My cars pretty basic, all my mods have been subtle little things, so don't be too harsh about it! I made this post for a uk forum, but i figured it may inspire some others to have a go at something similar.

Right, i noticed that occasionally people post up wanting to fit fogs to their Audi's that didn't come with foglamps as standard. 99-01 fog grilles don't fit in the pre 99 bumpers so it makes choices rather limited...led strip things (which look tacky, i have tried) or mash up the original grilles until you make something that works Here is an idea you may want to try out.

I chose the latter

So i started with this:


factory grilles, booorrrriiiinnngggg and the same as every other

After drilling various holes and fitting leds (no pics) i decided they looked a bit pants and figured i would go for some nice projector lamps seeing as they have a decent light output and looked nice and modern

I got some from my local car shop, they are made by ring, and cost me £30 odd quid, however on Ebay you can get the same sort of thing for around the £25posted mark. They are adjustable and seem pretty well made. I also bought a relay and a rear fog switch (changing the led to green so i can tell the difference). I won't go into the wiring side as if you don't know how to do it, i probably wont explain it well enough and you will blame me when it fails...The instruction kit that came with the fogs seemed good so thats a good starting point.

Now how the heck to fit them? I hacked out the outer part of my grille and riveted the fogs to the grille...


I now had frog eyes...and my car looked really really pants, it looked just like somebody had hacked it apart and fitted some projectors...oh hang on!

I then pondered at how i could rectify this disaster, and looked at various other fog grilles for inspiration. Everything looked like effort until the most simple idea came into my head....PERSPEX!

Off to the workshop i went:


I made little metal plates and riveted them to the bumper to take the projectors (they have to sit really far back), i also had to relocate 1 of my horns as it fouled the projector. I then made a cardboard template of the gap i had in my grille for the fog. After a bit of fiddling around i managed to get the right shape and make them sit as flat as possible


I then sealed them in with some resin and sprayed the grilles black to give them a new lease of life (faded black is nasty)


Ignore the wiring that is showing, that is sorted now!


I think they look pretty good and OEM, they are very subtle. All i need now is some bulbs that match with my HIDs, although i rarely ever actually use the fogs unless its foggy funnily enough!

Theres an idea, hopefully it will be of some use to any of you that like to play in the workshop and make your car a little bit more individual.

09-18-2008, 02:37 AM
Nice one Paul - I like your style, and it's good to see a fellow UK Ringer on here [:)]

If I were you I'd put a matching HID kit into the Fogs - although I suspect there's not a lot of space inside the projector beam fogs.....

09-18-2008, 06:18 AM
Nice one Paul - I like your style, and it's good to see a fellow UK Ringer on here [:)]

If I were you I'd put a matching HID kit into the Fogs - although I suspect there's not a lot of space inside the projector beam fogs.....

Thanks alot Richard[:)] the projectors take h3 bulbs, so fitting them wont be a problem, the only problem is finding a suitable area for the ballasts as that tend to be a wet area and the wires aren't particularly long! Money is a bit of an issue right now unfortunately so pimping can wait!

09-18-2008, 09:25 AM
looks pretty decent, I'd worry about intercooler flow if you're a 1.8t

if you look at the facelift car, they have a different intercooler shroud and more openings on the grills towards the middle of the bumper

I didn't want to block my sidemount, so I got these fogs:


they are hard to see, but they are next to the plate in the center grill

as far as leds, I'd like to think these don't look too tacky