View Full Version : Hmm... brake questions

09-10-2008, 12:32 AM
Alright. So I finally got my car back together for the second time.

Now, when i turn right, my front left brake rubs. I just upgraded to the a8 rotors. The one thing that i could think of that is making the rub when turning is the rubber bushings on the caliper that guide the slide bolts from the carrier did not fit tight. Is this noise just the caliper sliding in when turning?

Also, I have also noticed that my abs seems to kick in whenever i touch the brakes when going slow. Now, i havent replaced the rotors in the rear yet (just took the car around the block to make sure my front wheel bearing/ axle problem was fixed) could the difference in front/rear bias be that bad that it is causing the abs to kick in?

What do you guys think? Have i answered my own questions?