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09-02-2008, 08:49 PM
is this possible? I really dont want to have to re wire my whole car.

Has anyone actually done it and have pics?

Any help much appreciated seeing as I am doing my install tomorrow

09-03-2008, 10:32 AM

09-03-2008, 10:49 AM
The wiring adapter to use it won't work for you?

09-03-2008, 12:37 PM
well the stock amp has 2ohms of impedance. My deck and speakers are 4 ohm therefor it needs to be removed and rewired or bypassed. It would make my life a whole lot easier if I could bypass the amp but I am having a hard time finding a wiring diagram so show which wires need to be connected in order to achieve this. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

09-10-2008, 11:55 PM
I may be able to get you a diagram. I need to know exactly what you've got: year, avant?, quattro?, bose?, # of speakers?

09-10-2008, 11:56 PM
Its is a 2000 a4 1.8t quattro bose 6 speaker system.

09-11-2008, 12:05 AM
believe it or not the bose stereo in our cars uses all 4 ohm speakers. aftermarket speakers work pretty well with the stock amp, their maximum volume is just pretty limited due to the low wattage the amp puts out. I believe all newer Infinity speakers are 2 ohm, this would extract more power and volume from the stock amp.

Its really not bad to run new speaker wires into the front doors and to the rear deck, took me a whole hour to do it right... tying the wiring in the right places and everything.

09-11-2008, 12:10 AM
how much of the interior did you have to take apart? and I would need to run it to the rear doors as well. Are you positive that it would work if I just used the wiring harness that came from crutchfield and used the stock amp? I am willing to test it out if it will work to see if I am satisfied with the volume, Then possibly run new wires when I get the time to install an amp for the rear deck speakers I got.

09-11-2008, 01:29 PM
Impedance isn't a flat line. It varies quite a bit with frequency.



09-11-2008, 02:37 PM
I just bypassed the amp by running my own wires. It really doesnt take that long.