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08-12-2008, 02:22 PM
I did a quick one.

Right here is a write up for how to make your own splitter with a few simple supplies from Home Depot. With some time and patience you can make it look and fit right. In my opinion it looks better then quite a few aftermarket splitters that go for much more. Here is what it looks like.


Here are the materials you need.

1. Scissors

2. All weather resistant double sided tape (available at Home Depot in the paint department)

3. Roll of rubber garage door bottom (I purchased the brand called M-D) its 16 foot long.



4. (optional) Rhino Ramps (if you want to have a easier access to the bottom of the bumper and to clean it.

Here is what you do...

-First off clean the bottom of the bumper. It is really important that you clean it thoroughly before you apply the double sided tape onto it for better adhesion.

-Then I put the double sided tape onto the rubber garage door bottom. I decided to do it in one big piece, rather then multiple sections to get it stick nice and flush.



-Then carefully start from one end of the car, and slowly work your way to the opposite. DO NOT PEEL ALL OF THE DOUBLE SIDED TAPE IMMEDIATELY. Peel it as you go, so you won't get rocks / dirt and such stuck onto it. Take your time, and it'll turn out real nice. And that is basically it. It really isn't rocket science, and for $30 bucks you can't beat it. This has been done to many other types of cars including Subarus / Saabs / etc etc, so I don't take credit for coming up with this idea. I think I may be the first b6er to do this and post pics. Anyways, when your done, sit and admire your car and be proud of how much money you saved. The real test is to see how long it'll stay on your car. So far mine has held up great in normal driving including freeway. Here are a few pics of what it looks like when you are done.





Happy Modding! [wrench]

Here are pics of it on NON USP cars.


Been on for a month now, and its still been going strong. The winter will be its real test.