View Full Version : two diffrent noises one front one rear.

07-21-2008, 08:10 PM
Car history;

I did the rear wheel bearings 10k ago and did front control arms and tie rods about 3k ago.

There are two noises I am trying to diagnose. The one from the rear is a clunk when going over bumps from the right rear. Everything seems tight in the rear but i still get this clunky rattle from the rear.

The noise from the front just appeared, it is kind of a rhythmic humming that comes at slower speeds and almost sounds like tire noise, but it seems to come and go. Applying the brakes does not make the sound go away, sometimes if i turn to the left it seems to get worse, but it could just be my imagination.

Could it be the front wheel bearing? Or maybe it is just tire noise, i rotate my tires about 1k ago but I think the problem just came up recently. I guess I could rotate them back and see if it continues.

Thanks for the time reading the post.