View Full Version : Boost leak help please!

06-25-2008, 11:18 AM
okay, so I've got a 97 AEB with 80k on it

currently the chip is in stock mode

earlier this year I was getting 7ish psi most regularly

now its a bit hotter and I'm only getting 4 to 5

the car feels okay in gears 1-4 driving around town and accelerating, but its a bit of a dog in 5th on the highway

I figure the car isn't making as much boost as it should lately , it deffinatly feels 100% slower than my sisters 2001 1.8t jetta (I know its a different beast) I just don't seem to get the turbo kick in feel nor do I get the related turbo spin up noise

I think I might have a wastegate issue, aparently the turbo was swapped out by the previous owner because the original one had a waste gate issue

when idling and getting off the gas as relativly low speeds next to a jersey barrier or wall I can hear a raspy farting noise, which leads me to think possible wastegate issues

last night I swapped a few n75 valves in and did a boost leak test

after doing that I'm getting 2 psi or less, I will recheck the n75 in a few min here at work, but I'm kinda puzzled as to what was wrong originaly and what went more wrong

the car seemed to hold boost well, no leaks that I could see/ hear, I did get the bubling oil sound which I hear is somewhat normal (it is very disconcerting however)

so now I'm thinking its either gotta be a bad PCV vavle letting air into the crank case (it does look like I have a bit of oil seepange around my Valve cover gasket)

or a blown wastegate

any thoughts?

I plan on checking / replacing my n75 today, and rebuilding the pcv system/ valve cover gasket

what else should I be doing?

I'd really like it if my car felt as good as my sisters stock mk4 1.8t[rolleyes]


06-25-2008, 11:22 AM
I thought I should add, the car idles at -22 on the gauge, and under engine braking is about -28