View Full Version : Transmission Leaks, 3 codes, and lots of pain and frustration

06-22-2008, 05:13 PM
OK well i been having trouble with my car for quite some time, its been in and out of tranmission shops and im about to pull my hair out to find some kind of help. I spent thousands of dollars already trying to fix this damn problem and im gettin frustrated. Here is the deal, it wont engadge, however if i up the rpm''s and kick it about 4k RPM it will jerk into the gear and then gets stuck in 4th gear. It leaks fluid profoundly.. and its almost to the point where I just want to blow the ****ing car up and claim insurance.. but anyway..

Its a 01, 1.8t TipTronic...Quattro

So i hooked up VAG to it and scanned the AUTOTrans control mod... here are the codes

* P1057 - Error Message from ECU
* P0734 - Gear 4 Incorrect
* P0730 - Incorrect Gear Ratio

SO I HAVE NO idea what the hell to do. Its hard enough trying to dump tons of money into it and it being the way it is... What are my options.. Replace, maybe it might be something im overlooking..

Here is what has been replaced so far.

NOTE: The work was done by a generic transmission shop who said they fixed it.. and now says its off its warranty. I dont have any kind of audi/vw shops around here so Im stuck to towing the car 100+ miles.. which i wouldnt do.

* Valvebody
* Torque Converter
* Front seal
* Front main pump
* input drum/shaft
* cv axles (and seals)
* rear main seal on the engine
* rear seal on the tranmission

Im running out of idea''s... someone please come to my rescue..