View Full Version : Oil Leaking - rear seal?

06-02-2008, 07:10 AM
I just changed my oil pan on an ATW 1.8 (auto) with a pan from an AEB. No need for the oil level sensor since this car was originally an AEB and there's no hookup for the sensor. Engine was swapped before we bought it and we didn't know, so we got an AEB pan from Shokan. First I used the rubber/metal gasket sold on ECS. Started it up... leaking in the back. Took it off, used silicone, still leaking (same way). Redid it again to make sure silicone didn't get wiped/smeared in the process. Put it in straight and it's not leaking anywhere but the same place, in the rear underneath flywheel. Its not leaking from the valve cover, turbo or oil filter. The question is: Does this have to do with it being an AEB pan? Why would the cs seal be leaking now? It wasn't leaking before I started. I lifted the engine by the trans, and then used a support bar. Why does ECS list the gasket for AEB ONLY? There's a pan for the AWM without a sensor, why isn't that listed for the gasket? Does anyone know what the difference is between the pans besides the oil level sensor? Any ideas will be greatly appreciated? Thanks in advance.

PS. I also did TB kit and trans filter/gasket. Not sure if that's relevant.
PPS. Oil is leaking pretty heavy, 1 quart in >5 min of running. Seems to be leaking across the whole rear end, but it could just be trickling down.

06-02-2008, 07:54 AM
that is a lot of oil leaking.. You can't see where the leak is coming from? Or did I mis-read that, seams like you THINK it was the pan, but is that where the leak is? Just follow the oil up and you'll find out where the leak starts, does it go up into the engine/trans area? The pans from an AEB and ATW are exactly the same besdies the oil level/temp sensor and the drain plug is on the opposite side ha.