View Full Version : AEM intake throwing engine codes

05-21-2008, 10:58 AM
So I've had my AEM cold air intake for over a year with no problems.

The other day after driving about 40 minutes on the highway, I get to some local streets and hear a strange high pitched humming noise at very low speeds - almost thought it was my brakes. At speed it was no problem, but at low speeds, the sound was pretty loud. Then the car started idling weird - the needle would bounce up and down a little. Then the dreaded CHECK ENGINE light comes on. CRAP.

I take it to the dealer the next morning, and they blame the aftermarket intake. The codes that came up were :

P0507 (idle air control system RPM higher than expected) and
P2187 (system too lean at idle, bank 1)

They said maybe the intake's just dirty, has a leak, etc, but since it's aftermarket, they can't service it. Now I don't have the time to check the filter until the weekend, but I noticed it only makes the noise after driving around for a while (or when it's hot?)

Anyone have any idea what might be wrong? Thanks in advance.

05-21-2008, 06:38 PM
I doubt it's your intake. How often do you clean it?

My guess is that you have a vacuum leak. A boost gauge would help.

Also, in posts like this.. it is very wise to post your cars model, year and engine.