View Full Version : found big boost leak | broke my n75h

05-10-2008, 11:47 AM
I went ahead and built me one of those do it yourselves "boost leak testers"
and put it on the turbo intake.. works great by the way!!

i found a big boost leak behind/underneath the big platic Y looking hose.. this one was hard to find without a boost leak tester because the hole closes when there is no presure.. only 15+ psi would reveal this one.. in the whole process i broke my N75H and the little spring jumped out..it was 1 day before i was leaving on vacation so i ordered me a new N75h at 034. Got the boost leak fixed with a new hose that day and tested again and also ordered me a new turbo/TP gasket.

Can't wait to get 'm back in tommorow. Should hopefully prevent the car from going limp occasionally in warm weather and get my psi back to where they should be.