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05-07-2008, 06:24 AM
I figured I would post some instructions/lessons learned on replacing coil packs in the B7 2.0T engine. So here goes. I will try to add pics when I get a chance (assuming I can edit).

Torx screwdriver #20
Flat head screwdriver

1. Remove the 2 screws holding the coil pack wiring harness to the engine (Torx 20)

2. Using a flat screwdriver CAREFULLY/GENTLY unclip each of the harness connections to the coil packs. This is where I screwed up and used too much force which broke the piece needed to unlock the CP. If you place the screwdriver in the opening horizontally and then turn 90 degrees you should hear a faint click sound. This means that the CP is now unlocked from the harness. Be sure to unclip ALL CP's regardless of the number being replaced.

3. Now working front to back start to pull on the harness to separate it from the CP's. If one or more of the CP connections is not budging check the clips again to be sure they are unlocked. You should be able to completely separate the harness from the CP's.

4. Remove the CP you are replacing by pulling upwards with constant pressure. I used the flat head screwdriver for some additional force. If you are going to do this be careful and be aware of what you are using for leverage.

5. Install your new CP by inserting the same direction as the old and making sure the mark on either side is lined up with the opening in the engine. Press it all the way down until it will go no farther.

6. Plug the wiring harness back into each CP moving back to front. Once connected replace the torx screws and tighten until snug (don't over tighten).

Congratulations you are finished.

04-07-2010, 09:50 PM
Most 2.0Ts are covered under the 28F2 recall and a local dealer should do this for you for free if you qualify.

Also most people use a screwdriver to unclip Audi's electrical connectors but they should be taken off by hand because like you people break them. It is a very easy three step process: first use a hand to push the connector into the thing that you are trying to remove it from, then push the back release tab with your thumb until you hear it click, and finally pull the connector off.