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05-03-2008, 03:38 PM
I am trying to order $3-$4k worth of gear this weekend. I've saved up for a couple weeks and the $$$ is BURNING A HOLE in my pocket!!!

I REALLY need some help selecting the CORRECT things right from the start. -I HATE ending up with the wrong stuff, having to give it away on the classifieds/returns/and the like...

I am looking for LIGHTWEIGHT wheels/tires

I realize I dont have enough to get everything with only $4k, but I want a good start so I dont end up with wheels that won't clear calipers/tires that rub badly/etc...

WHERE IS THE BEST GUIDE for determining fitment, BBK performance and value, figuring out what years/models are interchangable???

-for example, will a coilover set off a 2000 S4 fit on my 97 A4 TQM? differences between FWD-AWD aftermatket suspension and braking parts?????sorry for the rant, I'm getting frustrated. For a platform with such a plethora of aftermarket parts, I sure am having a tough time finding stuff today...

BTW, as for the tires, I am planning on Michelin PilotSport II's PROBABLY on 18x8 Kosei rims from Tirerack (lw cost, lightweight, look OK
Is there a list anywhere that tells what wheels clear or DONT clear the various BBK's????

05-03-2008, 04:41 PM
for the $$ you have:
-Volk wheels are light
-Stasis Street sports
-ECS's A8 upgrade kit (I'd just peice oyur own together though, ECS sucks)

05-03-2008, 04:52 PM
I find that enkei wheels are rather light when it comes to price. It is the offest of the wheel that determines if it will clear big brake kits. As for suspension, you have your options. Cheaper and durable would be Bilstein shocks and H&R springs. Only thing is you will have no say in the height after it settles. That is why many go with the coilover option, yet is more pricey. Just make sure that the coilovers you decide to go with allow you to change the damper, as that is another thing you will have no say in with coilovers witout that option. But most are adjustable anyways. I don't think the Eibach ones are.

Here is a good write up:
Suspension - Suspension is just as important as power. Being able to control your car is essential and coilovers or shock/spring combos allow for this... There is much controversy over which ones are the best. Stasis products are great. Their tracksports and motorsports are well known. The Bilstein PSS9s are also highly recommended. H&R is good quality. Vogtland and KW make fine products also. for the more frugal individuals the Eibach Pro-Kit coils, Koni Coils, and Stasis Streetsports get the job done! As for shocks and springs, Bilstein/H&R is most popular. also Koni shocks and eibach and neuspeed springs work well too. just put them together in the right combo.

05-03-2008, 06:37 PM
Wheels check out Team Dynamics, they are light, strong as feck and aesthetically appealing (http://www.teamdynamicsracing.com/index.htm).

OZ Ultraleggra's are also great for clearing BBKs and are light.

BBK check out the AP Racing kit via 034