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05-01-2008, 03:19 PM
Folks, I just vag-com'd my b5.

A little bit of background, 99.5, auto, quattro

My locks were originally 16140 and I changed it to 16172 (auto lock/unlock of doors). The doors lock as expected, but when I pull the key out, only the driver's door unlocks, is that expected?

One of the options I saw was: -04 "one touch unlock of all 4 doors and lock," is this what I need to add to make it auto unlock all the doors?

What's really interesting is that I was poking around the transmission trying to figure out if I had the "old or new" style tip shifting. My original code currently is 00000 [confused] . What should it be? if I'm reading this right, it should be 000X2 is that correct? I guess 0 or 1 is the new style so I'm ok in that regards, but what about the last digit, the "market version"?

Also, what's the diff between old and new style tip shifting?