View Full Version : Sorry, headlight noob question!

04-30-2008, 07:41 AM
I have decided to get some ecodes, but can you tell me which ones are the corect ones to get? Do I get the first ones on the list? (http://www.lltek.com/lighting_a4_b5_ecode_99501.htm) Part #DPA48D-20K (B5) HAL/H7 Headlight Set CHROME 99.5>01 and S4>02.

I will also order an HID kit (no, not a $500 kit from lltek), so I am wondering are these the right headlights to get? I know I could just do the clear corner mod, but my driver's side housing has some pitting and looks dirty compared to the passenger side. Then I figure I could sell the my current headlights and get maybe around $200, so the set up should not be all that expensive. Thanks in advance!

EDIT: Moderators, please remove this thread. I just called them (which I should have done first, sorry) and they told me what I needed.