View Full Version : what grade motor oil should I use?

09-11-2004, 02:24 PM
I already plan on using Mobil 1 synthetic but i'm not sure about the grade? So far, i think the car has been using 10W-30. I live in the SF bay area and the car has 50k miles on it (98 B5 2.8).


PS what would u recommend for a 95 jetta VR6 @ 100k miles

09-11-2004, 02:27 PM
Mobil 1 0W40

09-11-2004, 02:29 PM
for both cars?


09-11-2004, 07:37 PM
on the 98b5 2.8 if its going to be hot over the next couple of months in that area i would go 10w30 because its thicker however if its going to be cool/ moderate mild 5w30 is fine. 5w30 heats up quicker, while the 10w30 has a thicker viscosity.

for the 95 jetta vr6 with 100k miles i have to ask one question has the car been running synthetic the whole time or are you just going to be putting in synthetic for the first time in this car?

if your going to be putting in synthetic for the first time in this vehicle i would recommend against that.. the car has so many miles and is used to the thicker motor oil, synthetic is much finer of an oil and on older cars with alot of miles it can make weak gaskets leak, having said that, as far as viscosity goes i would put 10w30 in that vehicle, cars with more miles run better with thicker oil. 5w30 might make the engine burn some of the oil, which might make you low and have to refill it. of course keep in mind i don't know how well your cars were maintained to this point.