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04-17-2008, 10:20 PM
hey people,

i was looking to get a fresh respray but was worried if my color would remain the same, right now i have brilliant black and want the same color but dont want a dull look i want factory fresh.

Anyone ever have their Audi's repainted and if so was it the same look and feel?

let me know asap please cause i need to let the dude know by tomorrow


04-17-2008, 10:53 PM
if they do a good job, and paint it brilliant black, itll come out brilliant black. i would imagine it beign pretty good as long as its done right. in my opinion its all about how its prepped and how good the spray is. how much did you get quoted for the job?

also, you will never get factory fresh unless you drop down some cash. factory is really good.

04-18-2008, 08:50 AM
I agree with dingguhlbary. Prepping is everything.
It will come out exactly like factory if done right.

Lazer Viking
04-18-2008, 09:36 AM
depends on the quality of the work entirely
i have seen some really shitty resprays
but i have also seen some pretty perfect ones

04-18-2008, 11:20 AM
Paint is almost purely you get what you pay for, and If your going to potentially waste money anywhere, be it on paint. I like to score deals where I can, just like anyone else. but paint is not somewhere I would skimp. if the quote is cheap, it will look like crap. also make sure you look into the quality of the work that comes out of whatever shop you look at, as that is a very good determining factor.

04-18-2008, 11:35 AM
dude, I have brilliant black and I am in the same exact boat as you are....

I want the exact same paint code, so I went to a paint/body shop yeasterday and they only work on german cars....

the guy said that it looked like I had about 400 dollars worth of door dings and such...which he would pull, no bondo!

then he said after he had all the door dings out of it, he would prep and paint for 3500$

so, if your body is perfect, you should expect to pay about 3500$ for a phenomenal/factory looking job....

I need to see your car before I make any dacisions about your situation...

if all you are worried about is H20 spots and swirl marks, you can get most of that out...

I would say to try and treat the paint you have before you get a new paint job....

try this first:

wash your car thoroughly....

get some wax remover and strip it down to the clear coat....

clay bar the whole freakin car go over the whole thing a couple times, till its the smoothest thing ever! and if you have any H20 spots left after the clay bar try some clear/white vinegar...

after you get the clear coat super freakin clean, then you are ready to Glaze!
Glaze is the shit for black cars, you basically wipe it on and let it do its thing for a couple hours, then you buff it out and the glaze fills in the clear coat, usually reducing the swirl marks by about 50% at least...

after that you can pick up some polish designed specifically for black cars and buff to a deep shine...

the final touch for my ride is some zymol, not the regular blue stuff, it's a little jar made specifically for black cars and it works amazing!....

after that i usually hit my trim with some back-to-black and call it a day....

if you pick up the products and follow my instructions, you will prolly change your mind about a paint job, it changes mine all the time....

the other thing is, I do this all by hand and it usually takes me a whole day on and off...

I don't use orbital bacause you end up with millions of microswirls all over your car...

I usually end up using about 50+ microfibers start to finish, but at the end of the day it's always worth it....

I think sometime this summer my car will go in for new paint, but i will only go to a place that paints euro cars, cuz the american black cars look dark brown next to my car.

well, gl!

04-18-2008, 01:21 PM
I had my front clip done last year. New bumper, carbon hood sides, junkyard fender, and the 126k mile right fender. Kinda funny that they were all different in source, condition, and prep but they all came out the same. Perfect match. The sheen or gloss that you're looking for is all in the clear coat.

Way back in the day there were black lacquer jobs that were stunning without a clearcoat but they were an amazing amount of labor. A half dozen coats of hand rubbed black lacquer looks like a Steinway grand. Nowadays the color coat is just color. The clear is where the shine is.


04-19-2008, 12:07 PM
i am a bodyman and painter on the side...and let me tell you...if you think factory paint is perfect your wrong ! Its true that Audi have quality paint on their car but they make orange peel so the celar coat reflect UV and do not turn Yellow over time (all compagny does this)

My painters do some show cars...and he uses ultra high quality Clears...that are crystal clear...and shoot them very wet so you dont have that orange peel effect...but it is costly. I never saw one of his job go four under 3000$...and thats under the table...so it would be at least 5000 $ at a garage.

BUT...like the dude before me said...its all in the clear. If the painter is qualified...he can shoot it real well and do a magnificient job...after this...its all labor...the more you take off before paint...the better the job.

i hope it helps.

ps. sorry for my english...i am french canadian :p

04-19-2008, 05:50 PM
you are aware that i high quality respray is 4000 at the very least.... right? its almost cheaper to invest in a compressor and a coupe guns and do it yourself. as long as you have somewhere to do it. and some scrap sheel metal to practice on. the prep is by far the most intense part.