View Full Version : 1.8TQM 160.000khm more torque ?

04-16-2008, 07:41 AM
So here is the question how can i gain more torque on my b5 ? i'm currently running giac with custom made exhaust, there is a guy here in italy and he tells me that by changing the camshafts on my engine i could gain over 35 torque (and he asks for 1500euros [>_<])
Will my engine need a rebuild before doing so ?(he says no) Cause now i have 160.000khm on it

04-16-2008, 09:32 AM
It's hard to take advantage of installing camshafts with the stock ECU. Since you're in metric, I had almost 250,000 Km (155K miles), when I chipped and began modding my car. So I'd say go all for making more power to it. I know I wouldn't spend that much money on camshafts w/ install.
If you're looking into more torque, adding boost is probably the easiest way to add torque in our cars.
Torque is a by product of volumetric efficiency(VE), VE is increased by boost, so increase boost and make more torque. (basically)

$300 or 188 euros you can have water/Methanol injection and decrease the intake air temps, reduce timing retard and safely increase boost. I'd go with that over the camshafts. There's no need to spend that much money, for such a little gain, especially when you have soo many more mods you can do before you need to go there.

04-16-2008, 11:10 AM
Like djwimbo said, don't waste your time/money with cams. They do so little for the 1.8t motor for so much money. I'd only consider them if I was building a race A4. Don't know exactly what you're looking for out of your car but it sounds like it might be time for a turbo upgrade for you.