View Full Version : which tuning chip for these mods

04-13-2008, 06:19 AM
I have only used piggybacks and full standalones on Jap cars in the past, and am completely clueless as to which tuning solution to turn to

I will be using this turbo, which I understand to be comparable to a GT3071-76 (stop me if you disagree):
in the "550" or "650" flavor with a Tial 44mm WG, meth injection, 750 or larger injectors, and supporting mods.
(Scat Rods/new bearings/timing belt kit -w- pulley are being ordered first thing tomorrow morning)

I have read until my eyeballs are about to bleed, and I still have no firm decisions as to what to use and would appreciate any advice anyone in the know is willing to share.

034 standalone looks like a GREAT choice, but I'd rather spend my budget on tires/wheels, suspension and brakes before dumping nearly $2k on engine management...
I'm hoping the RIGHT chip with the RIGHT files will be sufficient to get my BT swap installed and planting healthy power to the road for the first year or so,


04-13-2008, 06:23 AM
go TAPP, many people use that on this forum. Even unitronic is a great choice.