View Full Version : rough idle, car dying

03-09-2008, 10:59 AM
Alrite, so I was having problems with my MAF so I swapped it out maybe 3days ago. Before I changed it the car would barely start up & idle terribly for the first couple of seconds. Now that I changed it, it starts up awesome, but occasionally I have to crank it up a second or two longer. After driving it to where I need to go I let the engine idle & turbo cool down & at this point the car will begin to idle terribly. It will jump up to 1.5Krpm down to about 500 then just keep bouncing around that area & eventually die. The battery light comes up on my dash (which the battery is practically brand new) & I start my car up again & it starts up beautiful with no more sputtering...Also occasionally when on slight inclines when I push the gas it starts sputtering ridiculous & wants to die again, but when I let it idle roll up it does perfect...Honestly, its F'ing embarrassing!

Note: Turbo is practically shot, awaiting the delivery of my new K04 :), but I'm not sure if that would have any impact on the poor idle.