View Full Version : Problem with Unlock and Locking the Driverside Door

02-12-2008, 02:38 PM
So yeah, i cant unlock or lock my doors with the keyhole on the driverside door... When i put the key in the hole and begin 2 turn its hard as hell to turn to either side but when i shimmy it enough, its seems as if its slipping. I took off the driverside panel and that what is was doing.. It wouldn't catch.. Has anyone ever had this particular problem??

And i need this door to be able to lock and unlock because i need a new key because the key im using is broken in 1/2 and it will only work and the keyhole and not in the ignition... I gotta order a new key and the Service department said in order to program the key it must be able to turn to the left in the driverside keyhole to send its information or sumthing.. and to also to for the new key to work in the ignition, i need the broken key to be able to unlock the door to get the new key to work...