View Full Version : DIY: B6 A4 1.8T - Greddy Full Auto Turbo Timer Install

12-31-2005, 12:55 AM
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AUDI RADIO KEYS (if installing in cupholder) ***
2 pieces of 4 FOOT PIECE OF 16 and 14 GAUGE WIRE ***
(gauge of red and green wire from TT)
1 6 foot?? piece of 18 gauge stranded wire
(gauge of ebrake wire / brown wire from TT)

*** if installing in cupholder slot

First and foremost decide where u will want to mount the TT. I used cupholder slot. Cubby hole under steering wheel in knee bolster can be used if u prefer discretion. installing in cubby hole does not require wire extension if i am not mistaken. if u plan on using cupholder... connect the harness extensions that came with the turbo timer (black to black), cut off white connector but leave some extra wire from white connector in case of future install in another vehicle. extend the green and red wires from tt harness. extend the brown wire later on after splicing into brown/ white wire under rear ashtray for handbrake feature. i used butt splices for this.


1) Disconnect (-) battery cable and remove cover under driver's footwell.
2) Remove fuse box cover.
3) remove knee bolster bolts. one next to fuse box, 2nd under close to hood release, 3rd under next to gas pedal i believe.
4) gently remove knee bolster
5) carefully remove factory radio using 4 keys ***
6) carefully remove trim above the esp, credit card holder, hazard button and cupholder ***
7) very carefully remove entire cupholder assembly. should come out in one big rectangular box. ***
8) install the piece of double sided tape that came with TT underneath the turbo timer.
9) slide all of the wires through the cupholder slot and slide turbo timer into cupholder slot.***
10) run wires from TT to the left side of the inner console and out to the pedal area. ***
11) T - TAP GREEN ignition wire on TT into the thin black/blue wire coming from the VAG/OBDII connector.
12) Put RED power wire for TT under one of bolts on the (+) distribution block, which is easily visible under the dash on the drivers side. It has about 6 thick red wires running from it.
13) Attach ground to a bolt of your choice. I chose the outer fuse panel bolt.
14) remove rear ashstray. slide out the holder that has the heat warmer stwitches and door lock button (if equipped)
15) T- Tap into brown/white wire on left using the wire that u bought for the extension of the TT brown wire.
16) run brown wire up to the front of the car and butt splice to the brown wire from the TT.
17) slide button in back of TT should be set to Ignition ( left)
18) double check all wiring and reconnect negative on battery.
19) start engine. then take key out and countdown on TT should begin
20) reinstall radio, upper trim above esp and cupholder. reinstal jbrr bolster
21) reinstall knee guard
22) everything shold be working fine
23) to use tt menu, turn igntition hold down the power buttin and use the other two buttims


Note this does not bypass the alarm. In the meantime, a friend of mine found an easy workaround. Lock the doors with the key when you get out (remote won't work). The alarm will be set,and you can use the remote as normal to get in. I'm working on the alarm part next time I get into the garage