View Full Version : DIY: B6 A4 - B5 S4 Front Brake Upgrade/Install

03-15-2005, 10:13 AM
This is a short write-up on how to install this kit....

1. Jack up the car in the front and take off the front wheels

2. Unbolt the 2 big bolts holding on the stock caliper. You might
need to use some PB lube or wd-40 to loosen the bolts from
from their frozen position.

3. Take the caliper off the rotor and place the rotor aside.

4. Make sure you have something to rest the caliper on so you
don't put stress on the lines.

5. unscrew the lines that go to the caliper, and the sensor plug.
Have a cup or small bucket by you when doing this, so you can
drain the brake fluid in it.

6. After the fluid is drained, unscrew the rubber lines, and screw
in the stainless steel lines if you're using them.

7. Next, screw the lines back onto the new caliper.

8. Grab the pads for the caliper and place them inside to fit,
make sure you put the metal clamps back over the pads to set
them in place....you might need to use some super glue to hold
the pads in place or it will be a PITA to get them all on the
rotor perfectly

9. Grab the rotors and place them between the pads on the
caliper...you might need to push the pistons back to get the
rotor on.

10. Place the rotor back on, and bolt back on the caliper.

11. re-connect the sensor wire for the brakes

12. Bleeding -- take the little black cap off the caliper and place
a clear air tight hose on it

....get a brake bleeder pressure kit,
for $30-40 or make your own, and fill it with the new brake
fluid...screw the cap to your brake fluid reservior(next to

03-21-2005, 02:12 PM
Seems that my bleeding section got cut short...anyways....

Start with the passenger side rear first, then drivers rear, then drivers front, then pass front.

Unscrew the little gold bolt on the brake line 1/2 turn to let the fluid flow easier

Make sure someone is pressing down on the brakes with full pressure pumped on them when you do each caliper.

...pump ~20psi into the system, and let the fluid drain till there are no more air bubbles in the line, then tighten the bolt back up, and place the rubber cap back on the caliper....do that for each brake, and you're done.