View Full Version : DIY: B6 A4/S4 - Removal & "Blackout" of Ultra Sport grilles

11-10-2006, 01:49 PM
Sup guys, yesterday I did my first true DIY mod on my car...and dag namit I'm proud of myself.
This is a quick write-up on how to black out your grille's on an Ultrasport (B6). I understand that there are other DIY's, but this is for people who might want to know exact details on removing the Ultrasport lower grille that previously couldn't find out using the "search" function. Enjoi.

Materials needed:
1 can of spray Plasti-dip
1 set of pliers
1 piece of thin cotton cloth (t-shirt) - enough to cover the tip of the screwdriver
1 small flathead screwdriver
1 Spraygun adapter (optional)

1. Open up your hood and locate the grille. I would hope you know where this is. Using the pliers gently compress the tabs pictured and push slightly outwards (so they don't just lock in place again). The grille will just pop out after that.

At this point i'd like to point out that this lil bastard has probably been robbing me of 20hp to the wheels:
But he got his. Sucka...anyway...

2. Next is the lower grille, no bumper removal needed, just make sure you remove your front license plate holder if you are rock'n one (cuz you're a straight up G like me). Gently pull on the sides of the lower grille then using a flathead screwdriver with cloth wrapped around the head (so you don't scratch your paint up) insert it inbetween the grille and the bumper and start gently working your way around from one end to the other. Then just use two hands on each end and pull it out, this step is seriously very easy.

3.Next take the flathead screw driver and insert it into the upper grille and start gently working away around it so you can seperate the chrome trim from it.

4. The lower grille just kind of falls apart, you don't need to use a screw driver, just gently seperate it.

5. Take the chrome pieces and wash them thoroughly with soap. Don't be lazy. Wash the hell out of it so there is no grease on it (grease eats through the Plasti-Dip as it's drying and makes your grille look like shite). Dry them off.

6. Now we plasti-dip (no sanding required). Contrary to what the picture presents, do NOT paint them at the same time. Start coating the chrome evenly until it is fully painted and set it aside, now repeat the same technique for the lower. Watch out for paintcan drips, this shit will only make it take a lot longer to finish the project.

7. Let dry for about 4 hours.

8. Reassemble the grilles.

Finished product:

9. Pop grilles back into place.
All done! You just saved about 160 bucks.


Hope this helps! I tried using as many keywords as possible to make it easier for people searching too. [:D]