View Full Version : "Insufficient flow" code, guy says egr valve???

02-10-2008, 11:59 AM
Im very close to buying a 96 a4 2.8 quattro that has a check engine light on. The guy says its the egr valve, and it comes in 2 parts. He says he replaced 1 part of it and the other needs to be done. He has already replaced a cat, and an o2 sensor, and like i said before the egr valve. He gets the code insufficient flow, and he swears to me all it is is the "2nd part" of the egr valve. says he didnt replace it because he couldnt get the parts at the time his mechanic was doing the job and that it only costs like $60. Does anybody know if this is true?? The cars a 5 speed with only 115,000miles, and he recently did the t belt and w pump, brakes and some other shit. He wants $2,850, im looking to steal it for $2,300. Is this something worht getting into?