View Full Version : 1.8T Oil Pan Bolts

02-06-2008, 06:01 AM
Can someone please tell me if the two bolts on the oil pan that are reached through the cut-outs in back near the FW are supposed to look like this?
(A & C) were in the back. (B) were the rest around the pan. (A) is a 10mm bolt head (C) is a 10mm bolt head with a 5mm hex in the middle. Sorry if I'm confusing you with these crappy pics[confused]

Is that right though? Why would all the others be the same (B) and these two look out of place (A & C)? It seems like someone stripped the threads or just lost the originals and stuck these in there. Notice the thread-lock on the last pic is smooth over the threads. None of the bolts will catch now. I am going to use helicoils, but which bolts should I use? If someone knows off hand, or if you can take a quick look at yours, it would be GREATLY appreciated. [hail]